Smelling Sweet and Sexy with Victoria


Hey Everyone,

It’s Maddy and welcome to my blog. This is my first blog post of many more to come, and I hope you guys enjoy!

Today I decided I would share with you my favourites scents of the moment. I have been wearing these fragrances all day, everyday for the past month or two and I thought I should share them with you guys. These fragrances are two Victoria’s Secret body mists in ‘Eau So Sexy’ and ‘Noir Tease.’ Now these scents do come in the perfume form however they are quite expensive (in Australia especially) for the amount you get so I decided to buy the body mists instead which in my opinion are fabulous. They aren’t to over-powering but throughout the day when I’m moving my hands I get a whiff of the mist, so it’s great if you wanting something that will last all day. So if you are looking for a new body mist or perfume you should definitely try these out.

IMG_4307.JPGSo the fragrance I have been wearing the most recently is ‘Noir Tease’ and I would say that this is a perfect scent for the day time or the night and its great for all ages. On the Victoria’s Secret website it say that this is for the ultimate flirt and that it has notes black vanilla, frozen pear and blooming gardenia, it also says that it is warm scent.

IMG_4305The other fragrance I have been loving recently is ‘Eau So Sexy’ and I think this is much more of a refreshing daytime scent compared to ‘Noir Tease’ so if you like those kinds of scents this definitely the one for you. On the website it says that this scent has bergamot, paradise apple and Chantilly cream, it also says that this scent mixes vibrant florals with luscious fruits and a touch of airy warmth for a scent that’s flirty and forever young.

I love both these scents and they make me want to try so many more Victorias secret fragrances, so you all should try them out and if you have any perfumes or body mists that you love, please leave me a comment below so I can check them out!

Lots of Love Mads



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