Sweet Sugary Smells


Hey Everyone,

I’m am definitely a sweet tooth even when it comes to scents and especially candles. So today I wanted to share with you two candles that I bought recently that are to die for!


The first one I got is the Ecoya candle in the scent ‘Cherry Blossom & Tuberose‘ Now because I suck at describing scents I thought I would tell you what the website says… It says ‘The sweet essence of cherry blossom is entwined with notes of leafy greens and balanced out with a white floral bouquet of tuberose. A playful composition of fruit and floral.’ This candle is just a beautiful refreshing scent which is great if you like fruity,floral scents, but it is limited edition so if you want it make sure you get it soon.


The next candle I got when I was at Peter Alexander and this may be my favourite candle smell of all time! Now I had wanted this candle for a while because Peter alexander always smells amazing when I go there and I was after a warm, cosy, vanilla scent, so when I finally got this I was so excited! This candles scent is so strong and you don’t even have to burn for it to fill up the room. It is the Glasshouse candle in ‘Tahaa‘ The glass house website describes it as… ‘Untouched and unspoiled, Tahaa is the ultimate natural high. Its signature Vanilla fragrance is complemented with fresh Coconut and Frankincense for a magical Polynesian Island experience,’ however I think this is just warm caramel, vanilla goodness and if you like sweet scents you HAVE to try this out!

So that is my mini candle haul, hope you enjoyed and if you have any candles you love let me know because I always love to try them out! And also let me know if there are any blog posts you want me to do and I will make that happen.

Lots of Love Mads



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