Collette Dinnigan Unlaced


Hey Everyone,

A few weeks ago I went and saw the Collette Dinnigan Unlaced exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney and it was amazing! So today I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite dresses and pictures from the exhibition.

So just incase you don’t know Collette Dinningan is a really well known Australian fashion designer and has designed for people all of the world like the Duchess of Cambridge and Kylie Minogue, her work has also featured in movies and television shows and travelled the world so I was so excited when I found out that I was going to be able to go to the Powerhouse Museum to see her work and I was not let down the exhibition was fabulous and definitely worth going to see!

IMG_4695IMG_4696IMG_4698Right as you walked in the exhibition opened with a few wedding dresses which were absolutely gorgeous and the detail was phenomenal.

IMG_4700Then the next room you walked into had a bunch of black lace pieces which were beautiful. My favourite is the one at the front with a black lace t-shirt style top and a black leotard bottom with a sheer black lace overlay which I can totally imagine someone wearing on the red carpet!

IMG_4703IMG_4705IMG_4716IMG_4719IMG_4714I then entered the main showroom which contained so many beautiful dresses in many different colours and styles but they were each so amazing. As you walk around there were little panels of information below each dress telling you how it was made and with what fabrics etc, but it also had picture of when it was worn and on what celebrity so it was really fun seeing who had worn the dress and where you recognised it from, and I was shocked by how many celebrities like, Taylor Swift, Cameron Diaz etc had worn these pieces.

IMG_4720IMG_4723Towards the end of the showroom it was a lot more of the pastel, beige looks with more lace than bling and these looks were stunning and the long lace dress with a dusty rose coloured lace and ribbon belt was one of my favourite looks of the entire exhibition because I thought it was so elegant and feminine.

IMG_4728IMG_4729The next room was filled with heaps of silver sparkly dresses and was like the ‘New Years Party Room’ and this silver dress with the feathers was my mum and I’s favourite dress as is totally right up both our alleys!

IMG_4735IMG_4740IMG_4741IMG_4743The next room was AMAZING and it was filled with these gigantic mood boards and some of the inspiration Collette Dinnigan uses for her pieces of work and it was so interesting looking at all the little bits and bobs like flowers, buttons, candles, invitations etc that inspired such beautiful dresses

IMG_4745IMG_4751IMG_4752IMG_4750 The final rooms had the children’s wear Collette Dinnigan has created and the white lace Summer dresses she has created and all these pieces were so pretty and girly and are definitely something I would wear!

Overall this exhibition is amazing and if you can you should all go see it if you like fashion because it is open until August 28th at the Powerhouse Museum and if you want to learn more about Colette Dinnigan definitely check out her website.

Thank you all so much for reading I really hope you enjoyed this post and as always if there is any particular post you want me to do leave me a comment below.

Lots of Love Mads



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