What’s In My Handbag


Hey Everyone,

I love reading blog posts and watching videos all about what is in people handbags, I guess I’m a bit nosey…but I also love learning about things I might need to add to my handbag, so today I decided I would share with you all what is in my handbag!

IMG_5228Now the bag I carry is a cross body black fringe bag and I had been looking for the perfect finger purse for so long so when I saw this one at Collette I new I had to get it, (I can’t find the exact one online but here is one similar,)  so if your on the hunt for a fringe bag definitely check them out! The wallet I carry actually doesn’t fit in this bag so if I use this bag I change my wallet but for the most part this is the wallet I use and I got this for birthday last year and it is from Urban Originals (this is no longer online sorry,) and it is just a simple black wallet with silver round studs at the closer which has a magnetic clasp. And I am on the look out for a new wallet so let me know if you know where there are any good wallets!

IMG_5229IMG_5198IMG_5199The first things I carry in my bag are my sunglasses that I’m wearing that day and these ones are from Cotton On and they are the ‘Farrah Round Sunglasses.’ The next thing I carry is my phone and I have and iPhone 4s in White and on it I have a really pretty white marble case from Sportsgirl and I was so happy when I saw they saw this for an iPhone 4 because I had wanted a case like this for ages so if your looking for an iPhone 4 case definitely have a look on their website.

IMG_5217IMG_5195The last couple of things I carry in my bag are a couple of little ‘beauty’ bits and bobs. The first thing I have is some kind of lip product that I’m wearing that day and recently it has been the Nyx Butter Gloss in ‘Crème Brûlée’ which is a really pretty nude shade. The next thing I have is a roller ball perfume and I always love to keep these in my handbag so you can just apply it throughout they day and always smell good! The one I have here is from Zara and it is called ‘With Vanity’ and I don’t think they sell these online but they are in any Zara store if you want to check them out, and you definitely should because they all have super nice scents which last quite a while and are quite strong but subtle at the same time… if that makes sense. Another thing I keep in my handbag in hand sanitiser and this is a must for me because you never when you hands might get gross or sticky and if there is going to be a bathroom nearby, this hand sanitiser is a Bath & Body Works PocketBac in ‘Pumpkin Caramel Latte’ and its smell like maple syrup and is so delicious! The next thing I have I can not live with out! And it is the Kleins Perfumery lip balm in ‘Tropical,’ I got this from my aunty (Thanks Katrina!) and it is the best lip balm ever it smells amazing and is super moisturising! The last thing I like to carry around with me in my bag is some sort of gum or mints (normally in Spearmint) because you never want to have bad breath!

So as you can see I don’t carry a lot in my handbag but these are my essentials, so let me know if you think I’m missing anything! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a fabulous day!

Lots of Love Mads


P.S I have created a Twitter and Instagram and I would love it if you checked them out! 


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